Yvonne Gonschorek


It is always a blessing for me to share what I have with the less privileged.

I was encouraged to build this association through the fasting that God asked of us in Isaiah 58: 7 ... Isn't it that you share your food with the hungry? and to protect the poor hikers -if you see the bare to wear ...

I am grateful to everyone who is ready to accomplish this mission with me because this is a worthy course. Together we will leave traces that make the world a better place to live.

Nicole Büttner


The idea of helping people in need came when I was visiting a place in Nairobi and right next to the beautiful place where I lived was a slum full of hungry people begging for food and living in cardboard houses. It hurt to see that.

I knew I couldn't help everyone, but I could help at least one child with a meal. I realized that helping a child helped the whole family.

I am happy to be part of this support association so that I can help more families with a permanent solution.

Reneé Okingo


During my elementary and middle school I was glad to have received help from an organization that paid my school fees and other necessities based on my good grades.

For this reason, I am pleased that I can also help those in need through this support association.

Dr.Kelly Oketch

Cooperation partner,


As the director and doctor of the Keflo Medical Clinic in Kajiado County, Kenya, protecting my community's health is my priority.

Due to my many years of professional experience in a non-governmental organization, I have participated in many projects aimed at developing different communities in several countries. Protecting the education, health and livelihood of a community is not just a job for me, but a vocation in which everyone should be happy to take an active part.

"Supporting visions,
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