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About us   

The Favour Förderverein e.V. was founded in 2018 to improve the quality of life in poor and rural places in Kenya and other needy countries.


We grew up in a country that is rich in many ways and yet underdeveloped, and we know the challenges people face there. Therefore have we decided to do our best to help the situation of individuals, children, and families

to improve entire village communities.

The goals of the organisation   

  • Education: Children, adolescents and untrained young adults are given the opportunity to go to school or learn a trade.

  • Health: We strive to help people lead healthier and more conscious lives through medical care and everyday assistance.

  • Self-help: By creating work opportunities and small loans, we support people sustainably in obtaining a new livelihood.

  • Humanitarian Aid: We offer practical help in the lives of children and their families in order to fight the consequences of poverty

  • Agricultural projects: We support existing initiatives to preserve nature as a livelihood for people

  • Refugee aid: We help migrants in Germany with their integration and advise them on various everyday issues in their new home.

Through partnership and cooperation with various local organizations and groups, we work to ensure that individuals receive the help they need, which in turn benefits the whole family and ultimately the village community. It is important to us that we achieve sustainable development, which is why we not only help selectively, but also establish relationships with the people we support.

Our team 

Yvonne Gonschorek
Yvonne Gonschorek

Board member

Profession: Media designer

Dr. Kelly Oketch
Kevin Oketch

Cooperation partner, Africa

Profession: Doctor

Nicole Büttner
Nicole Büttner

Board member

Profession: Business Manager 

Rizo pic.jpg
Rizad Teminović

Project Manager

Profession: Industrial mechanic

Renee Okingo
René Okingo

Board member 

Profession: Doctor 

Mayva (1).png
Mayva Elizabeth

Media & Photography

Profession: Doctor

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