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WaSH-Project: Borehole & Rainwater Harvesting


Sustainable water supply

Program: "Safe water = healthy life"

Various projects are carried out under this program. One of the projects we are working on is located in the Ogeya Primary School, a rural community in Siaya, Kenya. At the end, the students have access to clean water, which makes a contribution to their education and health.

The project is geared towards sustainability; the school we supported will have a continuous water supply independent of our organisation.

Our project: Construction of a well and an additional roof drainage system to obtain water from captured rainwater as a reserve water source.

The situation before

Sauberes Wasser

Originally the school community shared a well with two other communities. Conflicts over one water source were the order of the day. Due to much usage the old well water pump, frequently failed and had to be repaired. Repairs were mostly left to the school, which was already financially weak. Whenever the well did not work, students had to bring water from home. The untreated 5-liter water canisters used for this were then set up centrally for everyone to drink for self-service or mostly passed on from mouth to mouth. This posed a risk of infection for the students with COVID-19 and other diseases.

Our project in video:

Thus, the project has already brought about concrete improvements for the student community;
  • Promotion of education by allowing students to spend more time studying instead of fetching water

  • Promotion of health through safe drinking and cooking water.

  • Enabling correct and hygienic hand washing. In addition, there is improvement of the menstrual health & hygiene of affected schoolgirls.

The program leads to addressing the root causes of poverty and ultimately contributing to the development of the community.


* Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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