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Our fight against COVID-19

"Isolation is not an option for the poor"

With our Covid-19 emergency aid program, we have set ourselves the goal of providing needy families with food packages, masks and hygiene kits. In addition, we have installed hand washing stations in large community centers, which we have equipped with soap, hygiene products, clean water and water tanks.

„Isolation is not an option for the poorthat's why the Favor Förderverein supports children, families and communities in order to offer the best possible protection against Covid-19.

Emergency help for those affected

The escalating socio-economic chaos being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is devastating. Government restrictions such as lockdowns, social distancing and quarantine to contain the virus have created overwhelming hardship for large sections of the population.

The poor were no longer able to earn an income, buy food, pay for house rent or basic services, or access health services. And the reduction or closure of jobs has only meant that the poor section of the population has become much larger because only a defective and underfunded social protection system is available.

Our contribution to Covid-19 prevention:

To help mitigate the impact of Covid-19, we support families and communities in need through retraining, small business creation and psychosocial therapy for those affected.

Our contribution to Covid-19 prevention:

  • We continuously provide packages containing various non-perishable and nutritious food, masks, hygiene supplies, etc. to families living in slums.

  • We install hand washing stations and provide soap in places that many parishioners frequent. This includes clinics, hospitals, open markets, police stations, etc. In this context, the people we meet while running these projects are also provided with hygiene products, masks and much-needed COVID-19 information.

  • With the help of the Gideon Accent Foundation mask sewing project, we are currently distributing reusable masks to families in need, especially those who are forced to work despite the Covid-19 situation.

  • Water is needed to wash hands, so we provide clean water to slum communities in Nairobi.

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