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Nature and environmental protection

Plant a Tree Save a Life

For the sake of the environment. Preservation of nature as human habitat.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. “- Chinese proverb


The world is currently grappling with the effects of global warming. Every nation and continent in the world is affected in some way by these climate changes. In Kenya, this has led on the one hand to decreased rainfall and then again to excessive precipitation and flooding. All of this has led to a reduction in food production, the consequences of which have been hunger and, in the worst case, deaths, as well as conflicts over pastures and water resources.


To love the environment: enrich the flora and fauna

Kenya's tree population is 3% below the recommended UN tree population of 10%, although Kenya's economy is heavily dependent on sectors such as agriculture, tourism, water, wildlife, energy and health. That is why we support the campaign “Plant a tree - save a life” in order to make our contribution to the reforestation of the country. In addition to the environmental aspect, the project aims to promote environmental education in order to achieve a more conscious use of nature's resources and the preservation of biodiversity.

Make a difference with us. A better world for everyone: Plant a Tree, Save a Life!


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