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Help for Self-Help

Community development through supporting self-reliance

Under the motto "Help for Self-Help", we support small business owners in developing a new source of income for themselves and their families, which will ultimately lead to sustainable and lasting changes in poor and rural communities.

"The way to a sustainable, self-determined life. ... according to the motto" Help for self-help ""

Our commitment

For us, giving "help for self-help" means supporting people and communities in need in their own endeavors without releasing them from their responsibility.

We offer individuals and communities the opportunity to open up a new line of business for themselves and their families and thus change their economic situation sustainably.

We work together with local organizations and those responsible in villages and slum communities to ensure that the help offered fits the infrastructure of the respective village, because every community has different needs.

Favour Association aims to promote start-ups and small businesses and craftsmen in Africa by, among other things:

  • We provide financial and material help, e.g. by providing seeds, fertilizer and water pumps for farmers or through start-up capital for the procurement of material

  • Helping the unemployed to set up startups, e.g. by making jewelry and handicrafts, sewing, etc.

  • We provide an association shop for the craftsmen in our program to offer them a more global market for their handmade products

  • Support training for entrepreneurs, etc.


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