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Education: the key to development

Education, also for economic success:

The real challenge for communities in need, especially in Africa, is creating the opportunity to become builders of their own progress. Education is the key that opens the door to autonomy, to jobs, to the availability of material and also to progress in other aspects of life. In this context, education is one of the most important keys to the development of a society. Trained people become educators, and a chain reaction is set off that slowly spreads to all sectors of society.

... it is worth our investment. “The power of education goes beyond developing the skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation building and reconciliation. “- Nelson Mandela

Help to support Education

More than 40 children from different schools in Usenge, Kisumu, Chulaimbo, and Webuye in Kenya receive sponsored learning material such as books, uniforms, shoes, etc. from the Favour Association.

This is particularly useful because, while elementary education in Kenya is free, unfortunately, free is not always free.

Many children (or parents) cannot afford school necessities to facilitate their education. For many children it is of great help to even receive a donated pencil.

Thanks to New Beginnings International Christian Center (NBICC), Jane Bauer and all sponsors for the generous donation and support.


  • We work personally with our Kenyan partners on site and thus ensure that all funds from your individual donation or sponsorship benefit the students and young adults who are in training. We are also committed to education and professional opportunities for young people.

  • Through actions and campaigns, we impart knowledge on various topics, including nutrition and health, early childhood education and environmental protection. We are also committed to education and professional opportunities for young people.

  • With a monthly contribution of as much as € 15, your sponsored child receives many opportunities that enable stable and positive development. Support one of these children today. Take on sponsorship

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