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  • Even with 15 euros a month, you can play a big role in creating a secure future for a child.


Personal sponsorship:

  • You enable the sponsored child to receive specific help such as school education, medical examinations or treatment, clean drinking water, and food.


After completing the sponsorship you will receive

  • Sponsorship documents, a welcome pack with a photo and all relevant information about the child you are sponsoring.

  • Development updates about your sponsored child

  • Annual report on your sponsored child

  • the chance to visit your sponsored child

Benefits for godparents

  • Your sponsorship contributions are tax deductible. We will send you a donation confirmation by the end of March of the following year to the address you provided for submission to the tax office. 

  • The sponsorship can be terminated at any time without notice.

  • Even with only 15 euros per month, you can make a difference and create a secure future for a child.

Application for sponsorship 

Please fill out this form to become a sponsor.


  • Donations of up to € 200 can be made without a donation receipt  to be claimed at the tax office (purpose: DONATION). To do this, you need your account statement together with our "Receipt in accordance with Section 50 (4) No. 2 b) EStDV" receipt download

  • If you need an individual donation receipt immediately after your donation, please contact us.

  • Donation calculator:  To calculate the tax benefit, you could  Tax savings calculator  insert.

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