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Donate | Regular donations

  • Every donation counts! With your donation you help where the need is greatest. Administrative costs are covered by membership fees. Thus, 100% of the donations flow into ongoing projects.

  • With your donation, we can implement projects that we would otherwise not be able to implement. With your regular donation you enable us to plan our projects reliably, implement them sustainably and thus save administrative costs.


Benefits for regular donations

  • Donations are tax deductible. We will send you a donation confirmation by the end of March of the following year to the address you provided for submission to the tax office.

  • Regular donations can be canceled at any time without notice.


IBAN: DE27 8306 5408 0004 1258 43  


Deutsche Skatbank


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(For German Residents)

  • Donations of up to € 200 can be made without a donation receipt  to be claimed at the tax office (purpose: DONATION). For this you need your account statement together with our "receipt according to § 50 Abs. 4 Nr. 2 b) EStDV"  Receipt download

  • If you need an individual donation receipt immediately after your donation, please contact us.

  • Donation calculator :  To calculate the tax benefit, you could  Tax savings calculator  insert.

Other donation options:

  • Log in through

  • Choose Favor Förderverein eV

  • Shopping at no extra cost

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