Climate Protection Projects

We have a varied program in which you can get involved in environmental protection, nature and community activities:


  • Reforestation and planting trees

  • Participation in the tree nursery: soil preparation, plant growing, pruning, irrigation etc.

  • Environmental education workshops in institutions, e.g. University and also in surrounding villages


Favoring Kajiado CBO tries to combat climate change through tree planting.

Save the Earth - One Tree at a Time!

Save the Earth

One Tree

at a time!

Plant a tree- save a life 


Participating partner: Representative of the Kajiado Environment Agency, who donated 400 seedlings to the campaign.

Contact us about:

- Volunteer in the initiative on 29/11/2019

- Donate tree seedlings or donations to support the initiative.

- Get more information

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Plant a tree- save a life 11.2019