Children and uneducated young adults have the opportunity to go to school


We strive for healthier living, sustainable consumption and conscious living.

Self- help

Creating sustainable livelihoods through self-help projects.

Humanitarian aid

Practical help in the lives of children and their families to combat the consequences of poverty

Knowledge exchange

Introduction of a culture of knowledge exchange in schools and communities.


Reports on current and successfully completed aid projects and measures / actions in 2019/2020.


We are pleased that you support our aid measures with your donation and membership!


Our fight against COVID-19

With the help of our supporters, we are making our contribution to the fight against COVID-19.


  • We have already supplied over 14 families (as of 04/17/2020) with packages that contain various durable and nutritious foods, masks and hygiene products, etc.

  • Handwashing stations were installed in clinics. Furthermore, hygiene products and masks were distributed there. In this context, patients and other people also receive COVID information.

  • With the help of the Gideon Accent Mask sewing project, we are distributing 200 reusable masks to families in need, especially to those who have to work despite the COVID - 19 situation.

  • Water is needed to wash hands, so we provide slum communities in Nairobi with clean water.


Our work is in progress - Support our aid measures with your donation!

Project visits

It was another challenging and targeted visit by Renee Okingo to some of the partner projects we supported.


Renee reports how impressed she was with the progress made on the initiatives we launched with youth in the East African University's Department of Agriculture.


The report shows how much the communities we work with are willing to participate in meaningful projects if they can only be supported.


With the help of your generous donations and voluntary work in the association, we will make it.

Favour Kajiado_En-Gedi

Favour @ Work:

En-Gedi children's home in Kitengela

How we celebrated Christmas :

Headed by Dr. Kelly Oketch spent volunteers and members of the Favour Förderverein on Christmas Eve 2019 sensibly and stylishly.


It was time for us to spend Christmas with the children who have special needs. In addition, our team had a small program in which the caregivers of the children were trained in basic education for life support.


Thanks to all volunteers who attended in the event.


We support education

40 children from various schools in Usenge, Kisumu, Chulaimbo, and Webuye in Kenya received sponsored learning material such as books, uniforms, shoes, etc. from Favour Förderverein according to their needs.


This was particularly useful because primary education in Kenya is free, but unfortunately free is not actually free.


Many children (or parents) cannot afford schooling to make their education easier. For many children, even getting a donated pencil is a great help.


Thanks to New Beginnings International Christian Center (NBICC), Jane Bauer and all sponsors for their generous donation and support.


Visiting our sponsored kids

We had fun visiting our godchildren. It was nice to see what progress they have made since we added them to our program.


Among them are children who are still hoping to get sponsors soon, especially to support their schooling.


We would be happy to hear from you if you would like to sponsor a child.