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Our work in Germany

Favour Organisation supports refugees who live in Germany. Together with the regional integration center, we act as "bridge builders" and help refugees in our area to find their way in the German society.


Contact Person

We make ourselves available as a contact person and support you with everyday questions.Contact


Our initiative

Regularly visits

  • We regularly visit our local refugee shelters to establish contact and to give the refugees an open ear for their concerns. We translate letters, explain various cultural differences and offer you a framework in which you can ask your questions without fear and work with us to find a solution for your situation. Our focus is also on improving the German language and cultural integration.


Initial and continuing education

  • We support interested parties in their search for an apprenticeship or study place and help them with the associated administrative steps.


Intercultural exchange

  • Through joint activities and events such as cooking evenings, excursions, participation in local events, etc., we offer refugees the opportunity to network and to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings and, above all, with the locals.

State conference, 11/2019

Migrant organizations in Baden Württemberg

# Forum of Cultures Stuttgart e. V.

Thanks to our local city administration and especially to Ms. Shany Mathew (integration officer) from Bad Friedrichshall, who is behind our work to support our initiative.

As board members of the Favour Förderverein, we took part in programs/lectures/training courses organized by the city administration.

Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart e.V. organized a program in which we were happy to participate. The forum enabled us to network with other migrant organizations. We benefited greatly from the professional exchange that turned out to be. We work to implement what we have learned to effectively achieve our goals.


Donations for our administrative work

Thanks to New Beginnings International Christian Center (NBICC) for the generous donation in kind and also for supporting our vision.

We are now spending even less money on administration to ensure that all donations go to the projects.

Special thanks also go to the volunteers who made the transportation work easier for us.

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