"Support visions,

Shaping the future! " - What we do

Our fight against COVID-19

"Isolation is not an option for the poor" - that is why the Favour Förderverein supports children, families and communities who need help most.

Our contribution to Covid-19 prevention:

  • We continuously provide families who live in slums with packages that contain various durable and nutritious foods, masks, hygiene products, etc.

  • We install handwashing stations and provide soap in places that many community members visit frequently. This includes clinics, hospitals, open markets, police stations, etc. In this context, the people we meet in carrying out these projects also receive hygiene products, masks, and the much-needed COVID-19 information.

  • With the help of the Gideon Accent(CBO)'s Mask sewing project, we are distributing reusable masks to families in need, especially to those who have to work despite the COVID - 19 situation.

  • Water is needed to wash your hands, so we provide slum communities in Nairobi with clean water.


Our work continues - Support our aid measures with your donation!

The focus of the association's work

"Support visions, shape the future!"


Favour Förderverein works with committed communities, local associations and generous donors with programs and projects for sustainable development and improving the quality of life in poor areas of Kenya.


As a result, the lives of many needy people has improved.


Our goal is to protect education, health, and livelihood.


This is how we fight the consequences of poverty.

We save lives and shape the future of children and many families


We focus on breaking the cycle of poverty


We support you with what is most necessary


We reach places where no help has arrived



We lived there ...

"Supporting visions,
Shaping the future!" - What we do    

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